Singer Adele mom

Adele on Friday brought a healthy baby boy into the world, but must in this really great time dealing with death threats.

Circulating on the Internet disgusting messages of anti-fans who the British Grammy winner just the worst. A certain Vanessa Bieber wrote on Twitter, “Aw Adele has a baby. It is bold and disabled lol? Murdered there just now. “

The first reports were found within minutes after the news on the net. Another user rushed, “I’ll see her in the UK and kill.” Another retweet line, but added, “And kill her baby.”

Unbelievable what is remove a few people in the “anonymity” of the WWW. But that was not all, because other people have speculated on postnatal depression or even the death of the boy, then Adele would have enough material to write new songs. Quite popular is the pick on the weight of the singer, who would have been considered not the pregnancy, according to various haters.

Bullying happens every day on the internet and it’s just a dangerous thing if the lock can not be advanced. Gary Barlow has also been a victim after his little daughter tragically died.