bangladeshi actress joya ahsan
Joya Ahsan


At present Joya Ahsan is most prior able Bangladeshi actress. She is now most popular Bangladeshi Actress. She is not only a TV star but also a movie star of Bangladesh. She is living in Dhaka capital of Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi Actress height is 5 feet 4 inches. The 40 years aged Hot Actress is now busy in film than television.

Short Biography of Joya Ahsan


The Bangladeshi Model Joya was born in 1972 in Jhenaidah district of Bangladesh. Her father was wanted to his daughter to be a job holder. But she liked dance & music. In early age Bangladeshi Actress Joya Ahsan was attracted to music as like as dancing.  Then the Heroine of ‘Guerrilla’ was interested in building her career in music and drawing.  She fond of Rabindra Sangeet and took a diploma course in it. She also weak in art and music.  As a result she opened a music school later.

bangladeshi actress joya ahsan scandal
Joya Ahsan at “Guerrilla” Flim

To be a top actress joya is grateful to her husband, Faisal.  He always inspired her a lot after their marriage. Bangladeshi Actress Joya Ahsan first come into spotlight by `Shongshoy’ directed by Giashuddin Selim’s. Joya first came to telemedia by a teledrama named ‘Panchami’.

Last year Joya earned most poularity acting on film ‘Guerrilla’ which is based on the famous ‘Nishiddho Loban’ by eminent poet-writer Syed Shamsul Haque.

Reputation of Joya Ahsan

`Anechy Shurjer Hashi’ is an exceptional teledramma. It got her honors the brand ambassador of the US Aids’ to help the women and children.

Bangladeshi Actress Joya Ahsan has acted in 5 films, 11 Drama serials and 14 single episode dramas. Her most popular film is Guerrilla, earned a international award.  Shongshoy,  Choita pagol, Shonkhobash, tarporo angurlata nandoke valobase, panjabiwala, Bhalobashi tai, bhalobeshe jai, Amader Golpo and Ferar poth nei, chilo na kono kaleare most popular work of Joya Ahsan.

Works of Joya Ahsan


•             Purnodoirgho Prem Kahini (2013) – upcoming

•             cora bali (2012-2013) – upcoming

•             Guerrilla (2011)

•             Dubsatar (2010)

•             Bachelor (2003)

Bangladeshi Model Joya Ahsan
Joya Ahsan as Model





Drama Serials

•             Amader Choto Nodi

•             Dorjar Opashe

•             Labbonno Probha

•             Mone Mone

•             Neer

•             Polayon Porbo

•             Sixty Nine (69)

•             Shongshoy

•             Shonkhobash

•             Manush Badal

•             Choita pagol


bangladeshi hot actress joya ahsan
Joya Ahsan sweet smile

Drama of Single episode

•             Americana

•             No mans land

•             Tebhag

•             Off Beat

•             tarporo angurlata nandoke valobase

•             jononir kanna

•             panjabiwala

•             Tarpor paruler din

•             Maya athoba mrittur galpo

•             Ferar poth nei, chilo na kono kale

•             obak sondesh

•             bikol pakhir gan

•             Bhalobashi tai, bhalobeshe jai

“Guerrilla” is the most pathetic film of Bangladeshi Independent War. Joya Ahsan gets award for this movie. She has done very natural acting. She plays the main character in this film.

bangladeshi actress joya ahsan Guerrilla
Joya Ahsan at “Guerrilla” Film