50 Cent
50 Cent


The hip-hop musician (Rapper) 50 Cent who is also known under the civil name Curtis James Jackson is also a welcome guest at this year’s IFA in Berlin. Its rapid development in the scene he owes Dr. Dre who produces meanwhile indeed headphones that do business with the prominent ‘b’ attention.

But what are the objectives of the Stars? Now, he wants to present itself not only as a music-maker at the International Consumer Electronics Show, but also as an entrepreneur.

It is hard to believe, but 50 Cent has now headphones on the market, which he presented at a specially convened press conference.

The special thing is the fact that the sales totals are not only in their own pockets but to get a good cause.

It is the talk of the organization “Feeding America”, their collaboration with 50 cents per revenue headphones donates 250 meals to children.

A good action as we find!